Registering a Death

When death occurs, and a medical certificate has been issued, the death must be recorded at the register office for the area in which the death has occured. (normal within 5 days of the occurance). A formal death certificate can then be issued, and the necessary paperwork so that the funeral can take place. Your funeral director will give you full advice on which registrar to visit and the information that is required in order to record the death.

There are exceptions to the above. Circumstances change with regards to registrars proceedures when the coroner is invloved, or is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. This applies also for deaths taking place outside the United Kingdom. Ask either, your funeral director, the coroners office, or the registery office for the correct advice. Alternatively click the link below for full and comprehensive guidance from the government web site.

Advice on/ how to register a death

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