Price List

The cost of a funeral:
The cost of a funeral is made up of the following charges:
Funeral Directors Charges: 
Professional Service Charge
A Hearse (& any requested limousines)
Conveyance to Chapel of Rest
Choice of Coffin 
Plus any additional 'extra' charges as shown below.
Disbursements:   (see list of local Crematorium charges below)
These are the fees we pay out, on your behalf, to third parties so as to enable the funeral to take place, These items will show on your invoce / estimate as disbursements eg.
Crematorium fees / charges
Burial Ground fees / charges
Grave preperation
Floral Tributes
Place of worship
Ministers and officiants fees
Doctors fees for necessary cremation paperwork
Service sheets or other funeral stationary
Catering etc.
Please note we reserve the right to ask for a deposit to cover disbursements.
* An administration charge of £300 is included in the cost of the funeral, which is deducted if the account is settled within 30 days of the invoice date as per our terms and conditions.
A copy of our full terms and conditions of business will be given to you when you engage our services or are available upon request. 
Prices correct as at 1st April 2024
Coffins and Caskets  (from our standard range. Others coffins are available upon request)
The Darley veneered coffin £ 250-00
The Derwent veneered coffin £ 345-00
The Wessington veneered coffin £420-00
The Dovedale veneered coffin £ 495-00
The Studio coffin £ 755-00
The Somerton wicker coffin £ 845-00
The Melbourne solid coffin £ 895-00
The Castleton solid coffin £ 1050-00
The Chatsworth casket £1495-00
The Colourful (picture) coffin £ 850-00
The Woven English Willow coffin £ 950-00
The Forester Eco Coffin £ 845-00
The Miller Cardboard Coffin £ 550-00
The Woven Bamboo coffin £ 850.00
Professional Fees (relating to funerals in the local area)
* Direct Disposal (Simple) Funeral  £ 1495-00 (Including Disbursements) Payable upfront
* The CMA Attended Funeral  £ 2165-00 (Plus Disbursements)  Payable upfront
Standard Service charge       £ 1495-00
Provision of a Hearse (only)   £   495-00
A Hearse and one limousine   £   535-00
Removal Charges (15 Mile Radius)  £ 320-00 (Inc Derby, Nottm & Chesterfield Hospitals)
Removal Mileage (Over 15 Miles)   85p Per Mile
Extra Professional Charges
Additional Limousines £ 215-00
Caskets for Cremated Remains from £ 155-00
Coffin Delivery by Hearse £ 175-00
Attendance Cards (a member of staff is provided to take names) £ 45-00
Service Sheets (Minimum order 50 sheets)  from £ 2-95 each
We also offer various keepsake items from companies such as Ashes into Glass & Life Expressions.   POA
Hygienic Treatment is carried out at our discretion according to circumstance and necessity, and is provided at no extra cost.
3rd Party Costs (Disbursements)
AVBC Burial of Cremated Remains £195.00
AVBC Ex rights Ashes (50 years) £306.00
AVBC Cemetery Chapel £116.00
AVBC Grave for 1 £751.00
AVBC Grave for 2 £885.00
AVBC Plinth Ripley,Leabrooks,Heanor £307.00
AVBC Ex rights (50 years) £828.00
AVBC Ex rights (100 years) £1106.00
AVBC prices double if the deceased lives outside Amber Valley Borough
C of E Burial on separate occasion £78.00
Drs Fees for Cremation Paperwork £82 (per certificate needed)
Grave Preparation New (Double) £470.00
Grave Preparation (Re-open) £420.00
Grave Preparation Ashes £110.00
Mansfield Crematorium fee £988.00
Mansfield Double Slot extra cost £768.00
Mansfield Crematorium Organist fee £53.00
Pinxton Cemetery Burial fee (Ashes Re Open) £230.00
Pinxton Cemetery Burial fee (Ashes) £365.00
Pinxton Cemetery Burial fee (Normal) £895.00
Pinxton Cemetery Burial fee (Re Open) £655.00
Pinxton Cemetery Burial fee (Oversize) £1022.50
Pinxton Cemetery prices double if the deceased lives outside Pinxton Parish
SN Cemetery Burial Fee (Cremated Remains Re Open) £350.00
SN Cemetery Burial Fee (Cremated Remains) £590.00
SN Cemetery Burial fee (Normal) £1110.00
SN Cemetery Burial fee (Re Open) £870.00
SN Cemetery prices double if the deceased lives outside SN Parish
Church fees
St Helen's Pinxton Church fee £422.00
St Helen's Selston Church fee £440.00
St Martin's Alfreton Church fee £422.00
St Michael's Church fee £422.00
St Michael's Cremated Remains Burial fee £192.00
St Michael's Re Open Burial fee £399.00
St Werburgh's Church fee £440.00
Swanwick Crematorium fee early slot £870.00
Swanwick Crematorium fee normal times £975.00
Swanwick Crematroium premium times £ 999.00
Swanwick Crematorium Double Slot etra fee £320.00
Swanwick Crematorium Hire of Chapel only £460.00
Swanwick Crematorium Witness Scattering fee £74.00
Obitus Visual Tribute (25 Photos & music) £85.00
Obitus Pro Tribute (25 Photos & music) £100.00
Obitus Webcasting of service with 28 day watch back £80.00
Obitus USB copy of webcast £60.00
Minister / Celebrant fees  £220 to £260   POA
* NOT available on a "Pre Need" funeral.

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